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Stanisław Trzebiński jako historyk

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Stanisław Trzebiński jako historyk
Stanslaw Trzebiński as historian of medicine


Ryszard W. Gryglewski


Stanislaw Trzebiński was one of those who contributed to the of modern history and philosophy of medicine on Polish soil. This scholar and humanist, accepting a professorship at Stefan Batory University in Vilnius wanted to see this entrusted to his care subjects as an important basis of modern medical science lecture. He understood the role of history in the traditional manner, as the guardian of tradition, which acts as a servant to other sciences. Evaluation and critical work on the archival sources was acknowledged as one of the main tasks of researcher. For Trzebiński analysis from the perspective of medical science and in light historical approach provides a unique opportunity to penetrate the mentality of the past generations, their ideas about health and disease, as well as the former state of medical knowledge. He recognized diaries as one of most important sources for historical study and therefore this topic was constantly in the center of his attention. He was the very first which is responsible for the systematic investigation of the Medical Society of the Vilnius archives. Trzebiński was well recognized as an researcher aiming for full edition of the diaries of Joseph Frank.


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